Executive summary


The project is included within the TEMPUS Programme - Education (CD_JEP-15045-2000, European Commission) and has been carried out during the period 15.03.2001- 14.03.2004; the consortium members have been: the “Politecnico di Torino” (Dept. DITIC), as contractor, the University of Sarajevo (BIH, Bosnia Herzegovina), as beneficiary of the project, and the University of Southampton (UK), as partner.

The purpose of the project has been the development of innovative academic programmes related to transport and traffic engineering at the University of Sarajevo.

As a major result, the project has allowed the realisation of textbooks on innovative subjects within Transport, Traffic and Communications fields, some of which have been printed, in a limited number of copies.

On March 2003, the 8th, the final seminar of the project has taken place at the Faculty of “Transport, Traffic and Communications” (Fakultet za Saobracaj i Komunikacije) of the University of Sarajevo. During the seminar, where Bosnian press was present, the innovative educational and training material, prepared by the three Faculties during the three years, the little library, which has been rebuilt, and a little educational laboratory, realised within the aims of the project, have been presented.

Actually, a main part of the funding has been devoted to rebuild a library and the educational systems concerning transport and traffic engineering.

An extension of the activities (2004-2007) also in the field of ITS has been planned, if the proposal - submitted in 2003 - was approved by the European Commission, the new project would include also the Universities of Zagreb and of Vienna (University of Applied Sciences of Vienna - Fachhochschule Technikum Wien), where a degree course on “Intelligent Transport Systems”, lasting four years, has been recently activated.


(for any information, please contact: bruno.dallachiara@polito.it, Politecnico di Torino, Dept. DITIC-Trasport Engineering)